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I love love. 
Plain and simple.

 Love is accepting the whole of someone. It is feeding the fire within. If I have learned anything in this life, it is that love is everywhere, and love is powerful.

Here at Summit + Co., Michael and I strive to capture your soul exposed. Your soul shows all of its stunning true colors when you say "I do", and those are the moments we want you to keep forever. We also have a team of photographers + videographers trained to capture your authentic love journey. We see your soul loving another, and we are there to document it.  



All you need is love.




Photography + Videography

Here at Summit + Co., we offer photography and videography as a team. You can pick one, the other, or both. 

Choosing a team for your special day is so beneficial, because we have molded your day into a beautiful choreographed dance. I know when to get out of Michael's way, and he knows when to stay out of mine to make sure we both get the shots you will love. We have a flow, and it's smooth.


We have a stellar team of associates who offer the Summit + Co. experience for couples on a stricter budget. They have been trained by Michael and I, and all post-production is handled with care by us.

We also love to travel. Michael and I live full time in a camper which allows us to capture adventure elopements all over the United States and Canada. We frequently make trips to Colorado, North Carolina, and Illinois to capture weddings and traditional elopements. If you are from these states, or if you are along our travel schedule, you might not have any travel fees. In the last year, Summit + Co. has been to Australia, Ireland, Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, Mexico, and all over the United States to capture incredible journeys. We are traveling the globe, and your love is on our list.

Check out our more details on the love journey below.

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