What should we support?

I believe in giving back.

I believe in bettering the world around me. I believe in spreading love.

What do you believe in?

Summit + Co. operates with a give back philosophy. We will do what we can to give in any way that we can. Throughout the year I would like to partner with organizations that benefit others. We will donate a portion of proceeds to an organization at the end of the year, and we would also like to hold mini session drives to raise funds for organizations that would benefit from it. We would also like to photograph your non-profit, or photograph to spread light on a cause. Last year, we partnered with CureSearch for Children's Cancer by both raising funds, and hiking over 30 miles to raise awareness of children's cancer. This is a new year and a blank slate. What should we support?

Flood me with organizations. Seriously.

I want to know what you stand for. What organization do you believe is doing the most good, or has the most need. Please comment with:

  • The name of the organization.

  • A way to contact them-- their Facebook, Instagram, Website, etc.

  • Why are they important to you?

I am so excited to learn about what is important to you, and to learn about new ways that we can help. This can be local, or it can be global. Let's make a change for the better.

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